1st Book In The Pole Dance Nation Series.

At Pole Dance Nation, the #1 ranked pole studio in the country, competitive pole dancers train together and perform as a team. Their bond seems so strong it’s unbreakable – until they have to compete against each other for prize money, titles and Atlanta’s most eligible singles. That’s when their bodies are pushed to the limits, friendships are strained, and allegiances are tested.

Competitive pole dancing is as addicting as acapella competitions in a Pitch Perfect movie. You never knew they existed – but once you find out about them – you’re hooked.

Our pole dance team delivers routines as intense as any in Bring It On. But you won’t find spirit hands here. Just instructors shouting, “Point ya fuckin’ toes!”

Expect the performance heat from Hit the Floor and drama challenging any Love and Hip Hop cast. Pole Dance Nation’s characters are as colorful as the women of Claws. Like the ladies of GLOW, they take competition head on, while earning college degrees, punching the clock at a 9-5, running a business, raising their children or dancing at the local strip club.

At Pole Dance Nation, pole is for everyBODY.

You would never expect to see these women (and men) … together … in real life. But here they are – bonding over their shared love of pole. It’s the one thing everyone agrees on.

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About The Creator

Nikki St.John is a Howard University graduate, with a BFA in theater. Thanks to her Instagram followers, Pole Dancer became a #1 most downloaded book on Amazon.

Since then, Nikki was a featured pole dancer in the Get Your Booty To The Poll PSA encouraging people to vote. She toured with Kandi (RHOA) as a pole dancer on the “Welcome to the Dungeon Tour” and pole danced with Snoop on the “I Wanna Thank Me Tour.” She was a featured pole dancer and twerker in music videos for Chris Brown, Tyga, Future and many more. A comical video of her teaching old people how to twerk went viral. She even taught people how to twerk at Amber Rose’s annual empowerment event, “Slut Walk.”  

Nikki describes her signature pole style as “TwerkNPole.” Take her on demand classes and sign up for her live classes on PoleDanceNation.com.


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